review-logo Andrew Quint of renowned Audio Magazine "The Absolute Sound" was the first to review the combination of Delta PRE and Delta STEREO in North America. He did so for over a month and was impressed by the Delta models to deliver a transparency that, so far, had only been equaled by more expensive audio components in his reference setup. A link to the full article is included at the bottom of this page.

“I listened to dozens of familiar recordings to determine if their fundamental character came through unadulterated. From the standpoint of tonality, the Delta components together were neutral, not editorializing in the least. Singers had their voices reproduced in a way I understood as “correct” from years of hearing these recordings through many good audio systems, and, in some instances, the occasional live concert. (…) Accuracy in the midband usually gets the credit for this kind of neutrality, but getting the overtone structure right all the way up is also crucial, and it’s apparent that the Delta gear does this well.”

“The ability to adjust gain in small increments (0.25 dB, ed.) with the PRE is a strong selling point. For classical music in particular, there’s a correct playback level determined by the recorded perspective. Playing a recording with a mid-hall perspective too loudly in an effort to force an immediacy that isn’t there is a mistake; setting the volume too low for a recording made with the conductor’s aural viewpoint is likewise a recipe for failure. How many times has the “correct” gain setting been between two clicks on a stepped attenuator? That’s unlikely to happen with the Delta Pre.”

“Classé’s Delta PRE and STEREO are impeccably designed and manufactured products that offer impressive operational flexibility and dependability. The amplifier provides enough power to handle just about any loudspeaker you’d care to send its way. These two components are visually appealing and practical to install in a domestic setting. And they “sound good,” meaning that they get out of the way and let the fundamental character of a recording be determined by the engineers involved. The Delta Pre and Stereo have nothing to say on the matter, and that’s exactly as it should be.”

  • Andrew Quint
  • 3 February 2021