review-logo John Atkinson (NY) of renowned Audio and HiFi Magazine "Stereophile" was amongst the first to review our new Delta MONO Amplifier in March 2020. His review focuses on the musicality of our amplifiers through a series of exhaustive listening tests with excellent results. Below some quotes from John's review. The full Article can be read by clicking the link at the bottom.

“As you’d expect from a pair of monoblocks, the Delta Monos’ stereo imaging was superbly stable and well-defined.”

“Listening to the MQA-encoded 24-bit, 88.2kHz master file of “Lux Aurumque” with the Classé-driven Vimbergs [Loudspeakers, Ed.], that is exactly what I heard: tightly focused images of the singers in the center and slightly more diffuse images to the sides, with excellent soundstage depth overall. To draw a photographic analogy, the Delta Monos offer superb image acuity.”

“My favorite test track for dynamics is “Fit Song” from Cornelius’s Sensuous: la musique du 21st siécle (16/44.1k ALAC file, ripped from CD, Everloving/Warner Bros. EVE016). With the Delta Monos driven by the Vimberg speakers, the beautifully clean drum samples on “Fit Song” had me dancing in my seat. And when the kickdrum was doubled by dropped-bass synth notes, the low frequencies effortlessly filled my room.”

“I greatly enjoyed my time with the Classé Delta Monos. Their transparency, coupled with smooth high frequencies and excellent low-frequency control and articulation, were addictive. Highly recommended.”

  • Excerpts of the original review by John Atkinson
  • 24 June 2020