review-logo After reviewing our new Delta MONO's (see Aron Garrecht puts our Delta PRE through its paces against its predecessor, our CP-800, in a comprehensive test.

Award Logo - Product of the Year 2021I learned that while the Delta PRE is conceptually similar to the CP-800, its circuitry is far more advanced.

For example, its six-layer motherboard has been completely redesigned. [Chief Designer, red.] Sergiu Ignat proudly pointed out that each layer has been laid out to minimize signal paths and isolate sensitive circuits..

Power delivery has also been completely reworked by adding a newly designed linear power supply to feed the analog circuitry, and a revised version of the CP-800’s switch-mode power supply to feed the digital circuitry.

Having owned a Classé CP-800 for a couple of years, I found getting rolling with the Delta PRE quite easy—its ergonomics are so intuitive that I doubt anyone will have to reach for the manual more than once.

The Delta PRE was transparent enough for me to clearly hear how the Classé and Simaudio amplifiers differ. When I switched to the Delta MONO [amplifiers], the fluid ease and naturalness that I’d so loved while reviewing them immediately reappeared. […]

The Classés’ greater gravitas throughout the bottom end and heightened sense of realism overall easily made them the more attractive amplifiers to pair with the Delta PRE, so I left them in place for most of my listening.

Classé Audio’s Delta PRE is one of the most feature-laden yet ergonomically enjoyable products I’ve reviewed in some time. What pushes this two-channel preamplifier-DAC ahead of its competitors are its bass management, PEQ, subwoofer, and source-configuration options.

If you’re looking for a central hub for your system that can handle all of your analog and digital sources in one svelte, easy-to-use package, Classé’s Delta PRE is one to check out.

  • Aron Garrecht
  • 15 April 2021