review-logo Canadian Reviewer Aron Garrecht of "Sound Stage Ultra" published a raving review of our Delta MONO Power Amplifier. In fact he liked them so much that he decided to buy a pair of them..!

“Classé Audio’s Delta MONO is stuffed with cutting-edge technology, ultra-high-quality parts, and offers one of the best feature sets in the biz.”

“I got completely lost in Sarah McLachlan’s piano solo in “Love Come,” from her Laws of Illusion (16/44.1 FLAC, Arista). McLachlan’s voice pierced its way into my room, massive in scale yet wonderfully balanced against her melodic piano playing. I could hear the subtle decay of her voice as it faded into what sounded like a vast background of “black” silence, as well as the sound of her pedaling before keystrokes, and the breaths she takes between sung lines—all almost as if I were in the same room hearing her sing and play.”

“Bass notes were rhythmic, deep, and gripping, chock-full of tactile impact, yet lacked little in terms of resolution—just as they sound through the mighty McIntosh MC1.25KWs. Teasing me to keep increasing the volume, the Delta MONOs coaxed from my Persona 7Fs some of the fullest and most controlled bass I’ve heard in my room.”

“Is Classé Audio’s new Delta MONO worthy of a Reviewers’ Choice award? Unequivocally. Is Classé getting my review samples back? Not a chance. Send me the bill, Dave Nauber—I’ve found my new reference monoblock.”

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  • Aron Garrecht
  • 1 February 2021