review-logo Mr. Martin Freund from the popular Swiss audiovisual platform "AV Guide" was one of the first in Europe to listen to all Classé products. His verdict was clear: "A first class demonstration. There is hardly a better way to sum up the presentation of the new Classé Delta pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers." Below we translated some excerpts from his test report which covers both the Delta PRE and the Delta STEREO. A Web link to the full report in German can be found at the end of this page.

“The exclusive CLASSÉ Delta Series is finally on the market. That it took so long has one reason: it combines various state-of-the-art technologies that you will rarely find. Not only the fine tuning at Classé’s headquarters in Montreal took extra time. But production at this quality level requires special attention: production takes place at the famous Shirakawa Audio Works in the North of Japan, where, for example, high-quality Marantz equipment comes off the production line. ”

“We were curious to find out whether, and how, the high technical effort of these expensive, high-quality amplifiers would pay off in terms of sound. We listened to a combination of Delta PRE and Delta STEREO in combination with a pair of Bowers & Wilkins 802 D3s.  Right from the very first bars of music we were truly impressed: the Classé PRE and STEREO deliver an exorbitant sound transparency that you don’t find every day. ”

“Particularly in terms of finesse and detail, the Canadians set their own standards that are hard to beat. Despite all (initially frightening) transparency, the melodic sound is not lost. Musical response is completely effortless. Musical details are not artificially emphasized but rather unfold ethereally. This is Art with a capital “A”, confirming both the fundamental superiority of the power amplifier’s Class-A operating mode and the high circuit level of the preamplifier. ”

“With the new Classé Delta Series we came to the conclusion that the exceptional speakers (B&W 802 D3) clearly owe the significant increase in sound transparency and spatial fidelity to the excellent electronics of CLASSÉ. The technical performance to achieve such a level of quality is extraordinarily high.“

  • Martin Freund
  • 22 March 2020